2019/20 Meeting Schedule

We follow a standard agenda of:

1) Review and agreement of last minutes.

2) Update and review with music staff (we love music puns)
Upcoming Events
Purchases against allocations

3) Update from School Board Attendee
-Music staff leave-

4) Presidents Report – Hazel Weaver

5) Treasurer report – Victoria Bedich
Balance to date
Any other business

6) Fundraising reports
Pizza Lunch – Sharon Li
Boxtops – Eva Povilus
Kringles – Julia Hamilton
Sprague Concert
Online Auction – Divya Bhoj
Evening of Music (EoM)
Smiles/Additional Fundraising – Roni Ben-Yoseph

7) Any other business

Our board meetings are open, and we are a fun and friendly group. Come join us anytime.

​Unless specified, all meetings will be held in Mr Clarks room at DW.

Tuesday – 12 NOV, 5:30pm
Tuesday – 10 DEC, 5:30pm
Tuesday – 7 JAN, 5:30pm
Tuesday – 4 FEB, 5:30pm
Tuesday – 10 MAR, 5:30pm
Tuesday – 14  APR, 5:30pm
Wednesday – 13 MAY, End of year celebration.